Black Business Summit Preview

On Jan. 27, 2022, Missouri Western State University held the Black Business Summit event at the Bartlett Center, presented by the Black Archives Museum, Missouri Western Craig School of Business, the Black Student Union and the Bartlett Center.

The event started with food trucks, showed a look into past and present black business owners, had speakers LaTonya Williams — who is the director of the Bartlett Center — and Brandon Wilson, an entrepreneur, and ended with a resource panel.

Miu Sutton is a business major at Missouri Western and is a part of the Center for Entrepreneurship program.

“LaTonya Williams and Brandon Wilson are the epitome of successful black business owners. LaTonya Williams has owned a photography business in town for many years. As for Brandon Wilson, he owns Anytime Fitness center on the Belt Highway and an insurance company.”

Seeing people from the community speak about this topic really hit home for several students that explained they wanted to attend and felt the importance of having events like this.

Kalyn Sturm is a sophomore, majoring in elementary education, and planned on attending the event.

“I really wanted to go to this event because I feel like this is important information to listen to and follow, especially since I am going into education. Any information I learn, I like to pass it on.”

Nalomeli Memea is a psychology major and was looking forward to this event because she always finds them to be motivational and interesting to see the world through others’ points of view.

“I feel as though many people need to attend events like these to listen to other people’s stories and viewpoints to gain a better perspective on life, school or future careers.”

Events such as the Black Business Summit are of high interest to many at the University, and the students, faculty and community must be aware of the resources available to them to see how the information shared can benefit everyone.

Sutton went on to explain the purpose and goals they hoped to accomplish in holding the business summit event.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship is honored to be partnered with the Black Archive Museum as well as the Black Student Union in putting this event together. Our mission is to mentor and support aspiring business owners while promoting entrepreneurship throughout our region.”



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Remington Loyd

Remington Loyd

I’m a student at Missouri Western State University majoring in convergent journalism.