Blake K. Scanlon Grant

A new grant opportunity is available for students of Missouri Western State University. The Blake K. Scanlon Applied Learning Presentation Grant, created by James J. and Lauren K. Scanlon, allows students to travel to give presentations.

The grant was made to give funding to students who are presenting referred papers or exhibit-juried works in national and international professional venues.

The grant was created for a variety of needs such as traveling, lodging and meals for the trips. The maximum amount awarded to a recipient deemed worthy of the grant is $1,000.

To be eligible for this opportunity, you have to be enrolled as a student at Missouri Western State University and your activities must have a direct relationship to current academic studies. The grant works as a reimbursement, meaning students will receive the money upon return of their trip once the proof of the expenses has been submitted.

Taylor Nigh is a senior at Missouri Western and is majoring in Special Education who was pleased to hear about the new grant.

“I think this is a great opportunity, and if there was a trip offered that I saw interest in, I would definitely take this opportunity of applying for this grant,” Nigh said. “The process seems really easy to follow and would be worth it.”

This grant can open up opportunities for students to travel who otherwise could not afford to. Attending and presenting at different conferences gives students a chance to have added experience that they can use for their resumes that they may not receive in their regular classes.

Missouri Western listed the application process on their website with three steps.

“The first step is to provide information about your contact information, your major, the activity you’re going to be studying, funding from any other source, if any, and a letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the project. The second step is proposals that will be reviewed by a committee charged with the responsibility of evaluating requests.”

After approval from the committee, the website continues the final step following the trip.

“The third step is students will be required to provide a brief summary report after the completion of the activity in order to facilitate the Foundation’s assessment of the impact/benefit of the support provided. Accountability reports must be submitted within a month of returning from your conference.”

The spring deadline has passed but you can still submit applications for fall. Fall submissions are due no later than the third Friday in October. Expenses will be on a reimbursement basis only.

Erin Richards is a Missouri Western alumni who had traveled during her time at the University. Richards explained why she thinks the grant will benefit students.

“I think it would be good to expand knowledge while traveling with the school. It’s amazing that there is a grant to help do that now,” Richards said.



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Remington Loyd

Remington Loyd

I’m a student at Missouri Western State University majoring in convergent journalism.