Center for Academic Support receives CRLA certification

The Center for Academic Support at Missouri Western State University has earned a CRLA Tutor Training certification from the College Reading and Learning Association. This five-year certification says that the tutoring center has developed an effective tutor training program that meets the high standards of the CRLA program.

The certificate shows that Missouri Western’s Center for Academic Support (CAS) is tutoring the students efficiently and are determined to have well-trained tutors.

The Director and Writing Coordinator for the CAS, Susan Garrison, is happy with the CRLA certification and proud of what the CAS is accomplishing.

“We’re proud that we’re recognized by this international body because they’re an accreditation process and this is what we can do to show that we are a high caliber and strong tutoring center,” Garrison said.

There are a lot of steps to getting this certification, and the CAS’s time and work paid off thanks to all the tutor’s and staff’s efforts put in.

Roger Collins is a sophomore at Missouri Western and frequently tutors students at the CAS.

“I like being able to teach people because I’m a digital animation major and would like to become a professor one day,” Collins said.

The CAS tries to keep a comfortable and engaging environment by having students teach students. A majority of tutors that will assist students in specific subjects have also taken the same classes or similar courses with many of the same professors.

Senior Nicholas Kempf tutors students in math at the CAS. Kempf loves to see the moment a student understands the concept they went in to get help for.

“My favorite part about tutoring would be helping people with math and seeing that lightbulb moment when they finally understand the problem,” Kempf said.

Students can apply to become a tutor if they have a 3.0 overall or cumulative GPA and a recommendation from faculty. As of Feb. 27, they are currently searching for math and content tutors. To find listings, visit the Human Resources tab on the Missouri Western website and click on student jobs or type in

To get a tutoring session at the CAS, students can make appointments using TutorTrac, or they can call at 816–271–4531. The CAS also takes walk-ins if there are slots available. You can find TutorTrac and more information about the CAS at



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Remington Loyd

Remington Loyd

I’m a student at Missouri Western State University majoring in convergent journalism.