Quest Diagnostics offering tour to students

On April 1, Missouri Western is transporting students intrigued in medical laboratory science careers to Lenexa, Kansas, to visit Quest Diagnostics lab. The van is set to transport students at 9:45 a.m. and arrive at 11:00 a.m. They will be giving a tour of the lab and then providing lunch to those who visit.

Quest Diagnostics’ goal is to ensure better health with diagnostic insights. At the lab, they are performing tests every day in an attempt to gain new knowledge that can help them to identify and treat diseases.

Chair and Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Mike Ducey, is looking forward to seeing students use this opportunity to see all the behind-the-scenes of a lab.

“Quest runs 1000’s and 1000’s of tests a day. There’s a whole bunch of robotic systems that they use to run all these tests. So you get to see some of these robotic systems move the sample from place to place to test and read out the results.”

Bryson Waitkoss is an alumnus from Missouri Western that graduated with an associate’s in physical therapy and a bachelor’s in exercise physiology. He explains how important it is for current students to take advantage of these trips so they can see the career options they have when they graduate.

“I wish I had taken advantage of an opportunity like this when I went to Missouri Western because that may or may not have influenced my decision for my career. You never know all the choices you truly have before you graduate unless you go on trips like this to see your options.”

Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Natalie Mikita, thinks students should come and see what Quest Diagnostics has to offer so students can see all their potential options for their future careers.

“Let’s come and learn what it’s like and maybe you have an interest in doing it maybe you don’t, either way, is fine but at least come and learn what it’s like so that you have an idea of what you can do you.”

Both Dr. Mikita and Dr. Ducey hope to see students take advantage of this opportunity. Whether full-time or part-time student or whatever major you are in, this trip is available for all students to sign up for and participate in the tour.

A few students have already registered for the trip. If you are wanting to visit the Quest Diagnostics lab you can email Dr. Mikita or Dr. Ducey to secure a seat on the bus ride there.



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Remington Loyd

Remington Loyd

I’m a student at Missouri Western State University majoring in convergent journalism.