The Price is Right comes to Kansas City

“The Price is Right” is making fifty stops across the United States and one stop in Kansas City, Miss., this fall after taking the show on the road. The event starts at 7:30 on Oct. 27, 2022.

“The Price is Right” is a show where contestants compete against each other by guessing the price of whatever merchandise is in question. They select contestants from their live studio audience so just being present provides a chance to win big.

The show has plans to talk about featuring local merchandise from the surrounding area to make it relevant to the stop.

The show started in 1956 and before being canceled in 1965. However, due to the show’s lasting popularity, it was revived in 1972 and has remained on television ever since. “The Price is Right” has had three different hosts on the show — Bill Cullen hosting the original, Bob Barker starring in the reboot and now, Drew Carry, who has been hosting the show for the last fifteen years.

The show is considered a classic by many, with reruns from the various iterations of the show still airing on cable to this day. Among the viewers are students from Missouri Western who hope to use Kansas City’s viewing as their chance to be on the show.

Missouri Western student Leslie Mills is currently going to school for her fine arts degree and is excited about getting the chance to win big in Kansas City.

“I have never religiously watched the show,” Mills explained. “But, I do want to sign up for the chance to win big.”

For some students, the joy comes from the challenge of the game rather than the chance at prizes or money.

Mikayla Schultz is a sophomore at Missouri Western that is currently majoring in marketing.

“I enjoy ‘The Price is Right’ because I love guessing games,” Schultz explained. “So, it’s super exciting it’s coming to Kansas City, and I think I would do well on the show.”

University students are not the only ones who are showing interest in the game show as locals around St. Joseph are excited for their chance to participate in “The Price is Right.”

Guadalupe Romero is a local who was very surprised to hear that the show is coming to Kansas City.

“I don’t watch the show too much, but I definitely want to sign up,” Romero said. “I think this would be such a fun experience to have.”

You can buy tickets for the event at, ranging from $29.50 to $65 depending on where you sit.



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Remington Loyd

Remington Loyd

I’m a student at Missouri Western State University majoring in convergent journalism.